Monday, September 29, 2008

Firefly ~ The Alpaca

I just completed this drawing of "Firefly", a blue-eyed alpaca belonging to Lunatic Fringe Alpacas. I thought she was just beautiful, especially those eyes! I seriously thought of adding a little blue somehow to this drawing. I'm calling it complete for now, but may still change my mind and add some blue tint. Still debating. This drawing is close to 5" x 7". I will edit this post later when I remember to see what paper I used (hahaha--I have so many samples to try, I have no idea what I'm using??). I liked this paper. I thought it took darks fairly well. The only problem is that repeat layers did seem to bring up fibers of the paper. Soooo, still not the perfect paper for me, but definitely something I would purchase and use again.

Thank you Donna for showing us your alpacas and letting me take a few good pictures.

The original drawing is for sale. Please contact me for price.

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