Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Someday" Is Completed

I have finally completed the drawing for the Ducks Unlimited Auction. That was quite the task drawing the reeds/grass and water. The finished product turned out quite well though. Now to frame it so it's ready to go to some lucky bidder.

I am in the process of testing out new papers ~ trying to find the "perfect" one. The paper I used for this drawing is Fabriano Rosaspina, which is 60% cotton, acid-free paper. It has a neutral pH to resist aging. It's also a very heavy weight (220 gsm). Although this is great archival quality paper, it does have a very slight texture to it. I prefer very smooth paper. Other graphite artists like texture on their paper, but I don't. Sometimes the texture gets in the way of the texture I'm trying to create. I found it very difficult to get the shades I was used to getting when drawing on other paper using the same pencils. The shades were always lighter than on other paper. Sometimes the lighter shade was good, but I found it very frustrating when I was trying to get very dark tones. My pencil of choice is the Staedtler mechanical pencil. It is so much more consistent than the normal "pencil". However, I found when using my favorite Staedtler mechanical pencil, it would leave an indent in the paper and then be very difficult to add more tones on top of those indents, no matter how lightly I pressed on the paper. I had to resort to using my other Derwent graphic pencils (that I use very rarely now since finding the mechanical pencils). The Derwent pencils worked better though and I had softer grades to use which allowed me to get darker tones. I also seemed to keep seeing fibers from this paper as I was drawing. The more I went over a spot to add more tone, the more the fibers were evident, and also when trying to blend the graphite. I hadn't had that problem before...This was the first time I used the Fabriano Rosaspina paper, I will use the last sheet of this paper at one point in time, and then I doubt I will purchase or use it again.

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